Nychos x Flying Fortress in Vienna.

This week’s featured wall for our street art roundup from around the world is a sweet collaborative piece between Austrian artist Nychos and the German-based old school legend Flying Fortress. This mother bear mural was created when Mr. Fortress stopped by Vienna for a visit and if you are interested, you can see more footage in a video here.

Other work worth your time to take a look at include Cranio (Brazil), Nick Walker x SheOne (Paris), Nychos x Flying Fortress (Austria), REVOK (Detroit), Hyuro (Spain), Phlegm (UK), LUDO (Netherlands), Lazinterruptus (Spain), INTI (Chile), EIME (Portugal), Shok-1 (UK), INSA (UK). See it all after the jump…

Cranio in Brazil.

Nick Walker x SheOne in Paris. Photo via streetartnews.

Revok in Detroit.

Hyuro in Valencia. Photo by Nuart.

Phlegm in Sheffield.

LUDO in Rotterdam.

Lazinterruptus in Madrid - intervention to protest the indifference of the government to the fact that 50% of public drinking fountains now defunct.

INTI in Valparaíso, Chile. Photo via streetartnews.

Eime in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Photo via Stick2Target.

Shok-1 in London.

INSA in Birmingham. Photo via VNA.