Faile in Brooklyn. Photo by Luna Park.

Leading off this week’s summary of wall offerings from around the world is this piece from the duo from Brooklyn – Faile. We’ll be posting up an interesting interview from the two soon, but for now take a look at other notable murals from artists Ludo (Italy) – who has a show at Wunderkammern that opened last night, Sam3 (Spain), John Fekner (Atlanta), 36Recyclab (France), Isaac Cordal (Spain), Kid Acne (UK), MAR & MADSTEEZ (Los Angeles), DAL x Faith47 (New York), Alexandrine Deshayes (France), Triángulo Dorado (Argentina), Remi/Rough, Shok-1, Hopare, and ROID.

Photos of all the walls after the jump…

Ludo in Rome. Photo via Streetartnews.

Sam3 in Murcia, Spain.

John Fekner for Living Walls in Atlanta. Photo via Vandalog.

36Recyclab in Paris. Photo by vitostreet.

Isaac Cordal in Galicia, Spain.

Kid Acne in Sheffield - "Superkings Art Fags". Photo via Streetartnews.

Mar x Madsteez - Dennis Hopper trubute mural in Venice Beach. Photo via REVOK.

DAL x Faith47 in Chelsea, NY. Photo via Vandalog.

Alexandrine Deshayes. Photo by vitostreet.

Triángulo Dorado - "La Voz Del Silencio" in Buenos Aires.

Remi/Rough. Photo by David Bilborough.

Shok-1. Photo by Micky Mook.

Hopare. Photo via Graffuturism.

ROID. Photo by O' Really?