Phlegm -

Headlining our summary of street art this week is this fantastic new mural on the back of some abandoned substation just outside Sheffield from Phlegm of which you can see more detailed pics here. Other notable pieces this week include Know Hope (Israel), Escif (Spain), Zilda (Italy), C215 (Italy), Ludo (France), Shepard Fairey (Texas), Stinkfish (Columbia), Nod Young (China), ROID, and Mesa.

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Know Hope - "Debted and Collected" in Tel Aviv.

Escif - "Vertigo" in Valencia, Spain.

Zilda - "Amore & Psiche" in Porto del Granatello, Italy.

C215 in Milan. Based on "Judith and Olofern" by Caravaggio.

Ludo in a Paris stairwell.

Shepard Fairey in Dallas. Photo by Admonkey via Streetartnews.

Stinkfish in Bogata, Columbia.

Nod Young for Beijing Design Week.