This weeks featured mural for our world roundup is from Liliwenn & Bom K (Da Mental Vaporz) in Brest, France for Crimes of Minds (photo by Kevin Perro). This is the last piece for the project to transform the city into an urban art museum.  Look for videos and a book next year documenting the process. Other notable street work comes comes from Martin Ron – Argentina (source), Niels Post – London (source), Hyuro – Mexico, Vhils – Spain, Steve Locatelli – Belgium (source), Nychos – UK, Momo – Spain (source), Sand One & MQ – California (source), Tellas – France, Fefe Talavera – Netherlands, Sten & Lex – Belgium, Peeta – Venice, Sickboy x Word To Mother (source),  and Seyb (source).

Unless otherwise specified by source, photos via the artist.

Martin Ron in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo via Street Art Utopia.

Niels Post in London. Part of his “On Spam, Business Proposal” series pasted on abandoned business fronts.

Hyuro – “Arbol de la vida” in Tepito, Mexico City.

Vhils in Spain.

Steve Locatelli mural for the Kosmopolite Art Tour 2012 in Brussels. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Nychos – “Crackfox” in London.

Sand One and MQ in Culver City, California. Photo by MELROSEandFAIRFAX.

MOMO in Girona, Spain for the Milestone Project. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Tellas in Niort, France.

Fefe Talavera in Amsterdam.

Sten & Lex in Belgium.

Peeta in Venice.

Sickboy x Word To Mother. Photo via VNA.

Seyb. Photo by morac19 on flickr.