Shok-1 in London.

As we reach the end of March, we have some more worthy walls to share with you. Leading things off is another skeletal mural from Shok-1, this time in neon. Other artists and their works that you should check out include Stinkfish (Columbia), Mobstr (UK), Phlegm (UK), C215 (France), Ludo (France), Dimitris Taxis (Spain), Philippe Baudelocque (France), The BMD Collective (New Zealand), Probs (UK), and Triangulo Dorado.

See them all after the jump…


Mobstr in London. Photo via Nuart.

Phlegm - "Floodplains" on Heneage street just off Brick lane in London. Photo by Lee from global street art.

C215 in Paris.

Triangulo Dorado.

Dimitris Taxis in Spain. Photo via Unurth.

Philippe Baudelocque in Paris. Photo by Un oeil qui traîne...

The BMD Collective in New Zealand. Photo via Vandalog.

Probs in London. Photo by Unusualimage.