Starting this weekend in Vevey, Switzerland, the Festival Images kicks off with a series of outdoor and indoor projects as well as associated programming. If you remember, the event (held biannually) was anchored by the Unframed project in 2010 from French street photographer JR. This year, he’s back with Shoot, a giant photo booth creating images for his Inside Out endeavor where participants have to lay down to have their portrait shot (see photostream) and then seeing their photo drift down over 42 feet.

Other artists we are excited see work from include the invisible man Liu Bolin who has started pasting up 10 very large format images (above) in the city streets, art collective Mentalgassi from Berlin and their Surprise art installation, a giant portrait of American contemporary artist Cindy Sherman, from the famous series Untitled Film Stills, that will be exhibited on the wall of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, and two permanent portraits on exterior walls in Vevey and at the Ex-EPA building from Vhils.

Photos via JR.