Matthew Feyld’s new book entitled Untitled (197 Drawings) has just been released by Blackdot Publishing, and to accompany the edition, Nowhere Gallery in Montreal hosted an exhibition under the same untitled title featuring many of the works presented within the book.

Matthew’s drawings and paintings have been a point of fascination for us at AM for a while now, and we’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of Feyld’s work. Gone are the figurative and mixed media creations we first associated him with five or so years ago. His draftsman-like qualities have been exchanged for painterly freedom. Newer work has continued in the trajectory of abstract imagery – almost as if Feyld’s mission is to create things of beauty from the most simple forms and shapes. This latest body of work is further cleansed by the creation of his series of outlined abstracts where he strips form down almost to the essence of one line drawings in his painted compositions. The outline pieces accompany Feyld’s fluid shapes in both the painted and physical form throughout the exhibition, and also his work as a whole.

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