For this week’s video Rewind, we start things off with news that starting Wednesday and running through Feb. 5, about 3,000 New York City taxis will feature a 30-second video from Ryan McGinley. The short clip, called Varuo, is gleaned from footage from the photographer and director’s video for the Icelandic band Sigur Ros (seen below) and shows a girl skipping barefoot through the streets of NYC with gold glitter streaming from her hair.

Other videos you may want to watch:

  • A look at Eric Fortune’s process.
  • An interview and profile of¬†Joanne Lefrak and her etchings on plexiglass.
  • Creating sound with your face with¬†Daito Manabe (via Animal NY).
  • REAK, KOKA, BELIN, ALTER working on a new mural in Mexico (via Graffart).
  • Waone putting in work in Fort Kochi, Kerala (India).
  • MOCAtv video featuring archived interviews with Patti Astor, Fab5 Freddy, Brathwaite & Jean Michel Basquiat.
  • The skills of Lascelles Thornton (via UK Adapta).
  • Louis Vuitton: Yayoi Kusama “Her Story #4: 100 Paintings” Video (via Hypebeast).