The return of our video Rewind sees a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the giant Yayoi Kusama statue that is currently installed by Louis Vuitton on the top of Selfridges in London. This was all arranged by Louis Vuitton as part of their campaign for a fashion line they collaborated on with the Japanese artist.

  • ABOVE’s new mural on social media.
  • Interview with Selim Varol and a tour of his Berlin show featuring his collection.
  • Time lapse video of Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano’s melting Middle Class ice sculpture.
  • Flula meets Xvala’s Bieberbot.
  • Adnate & Shida collaboration in Melbourne (video by Michael Danischewski).
  • Trailer for the Epilogue show from Eddie Colla, D Young, and Hugh Leeman in Los Angeles.
  • New card deck designed by Shepard Fairey.
  • Eric Haze collaborates with New Era.
  • Lucy McLauchlan and Cyop & Kaf at Famé Festival.
  • How to video on stenciling by UK artist Pahnl (via Highsnobiety).
  • Beautiful Disaster mural by CYRCLE. at The Roxy.
  • Terence Koh Rides a Bike – directed by Tim Barber (via TWBE).
  • Timelapse drawing of Manhatten by Patrick Vale (via Booooooom).
  • ASOS Black and Puma have teamed up for a short film titled Os Pixadores (via Hypebeast).
  • Trailer for Kidult’s Visual Dictatorship (via Nuart).
  • Jaybo Monk walking us through the creation of his triptych The Kiss (via Graffuturism).
  • HEROES Timelapse Painting by Andrew Hem – Art Attack (via Erratic Phenomena).
  • Preview video for Jason Shawn Alexander’s upcoming show (via Mark Murphy).

Art & Toys – Interview mit Selim Varol