The end of another week of art brings the return of our Rewind feature. Our featured video of the week comes from a series of artist Profiles from Thrash Lab which focuses in on the work of SABER (interviewed). Along with footage from his studio with glimpses of recent work and a trip into the night for a look at locales he has frequented in the past for outdoor work, we are blessed with an interview with the LA-based graffiti artist as he talks about the his record-breaking LA River mural, the art and philosophy of graffiti, how graffiti can save lives, and more…

Other notable videos for your perusal include:

  • A review of the Underbelly Project on MOCAtv.
  • Guo Cheng’s Mouth Factory is a series of functional machines specifically designed to be operated by the mouth of the user (via Beautiful Decay).
  • Tadao Cern takes Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait and digitally makes it more realistic (via Juxtapoz).
  • Richard Serra discusses the fundamental aspect of his work.
  • Critic Waldemar Januszczak doesn’t seem to like Royal Portrait of Kate Middleton.
  • Million dollar Diego Rivera painting appraised on Antiques Roadshow.
  • Video walk-through of Bob Dylan’s show at Gagosian Gallery.
  • A Walking Tour of Midtown NYC Sculpture Exhibitions with Matthew Drutt.
  • McDheo x Sofles (via UK Adapta).
  • 123Klan’s work for MTV.
  • Voices of Art trailer featuring artist Favianna Rodriguez.
  • Boa Mistura TED talk (in Spanish).
  • Digitally augmented and animated murals (How & Nosm, Aiko, Retna, Ryan McGinness, and Momo) in Wynwood Walls, Miami.