For our video summary this weekend, our featured piece is entitled A Brief History of John Baldessari. The humorous yet informative video follows a give and take session between the conceptual artist and narrator Tom Waits. The footage includes topics like how Baldessari cremated everything he ever made, his height, and his love affair with dots, his film still collection, how “he will not make any more boring art,” among other zany discussion points.

Other notable videos this week…

  • JR, a year after his TED Prize wish (via Artschoolvets).
  • Roid & Horfe in London 2012.
  • Love Letter to Plywood by Tom Sachs (via Upper Playground).
  • Timelapse of Blo & Jaw from Da Mental Vaporz crew in Melbourne (via Streetartnews)
  • A video about street art in Baltimore including the Open Walls project.
  • Sten & Lex in action for Open Walls Baltimore.