One of the stories dominating AM of recent weeks has been the behind-the-scenes look at Cai Guo-Qiang and his Sky Ladder exhibition opening today at the LA MOCA. We had the pleasure of attending the explosive Chinese artist’s creative sessions (here, here, and here) as well as the setup for his amazing pyrotechnic event last night. Before heading over to check out the exhibition for yourself, take a look at the video above from films (via NOWNESS) that sees Cai talk about his choice of medium, its place in history, and the meaning of his art to him.

Other notable videos of the week:

    • Mear One painting mural on corner of Sunset and Hyperion.
    • British Airways’ new plane design to mark the London 2012 Olympics designed by Pascal Anson, who was mentored by Tracey Emin on the project.
    • Profile on Aakash Nihalani (via Nuart).
    • MADE’s Visions of Visionaries series features Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy (via Highsnobiety).
    • Pedro Matos talks about his upcoming show Heritage.
    • 60 Minutes does feature on Art Basel.
    • Update videos of the murals from the G40 Art Summit.
    • La Pandilla and Trek Matthews working on their murals for Living Walls.
    • David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time (via mashKULTURE).

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