We start this month’s survey of street art with this sweet new piece from El Mac painted on what looks to be the side of a train car. The LA-based artist painted the portrait as a tribute to his friend and gifted photographer Estevan Oriol. Coincidentally, we shared a portrait of photographer Martha Cooper with you painted by Os Gemeos only earlier today. Other worthy walls featured this week come from┬áM-City – India, Mar – California, ROA – Argentina (source), Sokram – Spain (source), Waone (from Interesni Kazki) – India, Hyuro – Spain, Never2501 – Baltimore (source), Leon Keer – Florida (source), Sarah Rudder – Washington (source), Snyder – California, and Ludo.

All photos via the artists unless sources are otherwise specified…

M-City in Mumbai, India.

Mar! – “Rehearsal by the Sea” in Los Angeles.

ROA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo via BA Street Art.

SOKRAM in Spain for the DesOrdes Creativas festival.

Waone – “Lost Sheep” in Fort Kochi, Cochin, Kerala, India.

Ludo – “Space Cake”

Never2501 in Baltimore. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Sarah Rudder in Bellingham, Washington for International Yarn Bombing Day. Via Vandalog.

Snyder in Carlsbad, California.

Leon Keer in Sarasota, Florida for the On Chalk Festival. Photo via Street Art Utopia.