This week’s summary of public art from around the world comes a little early as we are still trying to catch up after Basel Week Miami. Leading things off is this ad takeover on Canal Street in New York (source) by Zevs with his infamous logo drips – this time targeting Apple (check out the full photo below). Other notable work comes from GILF! – New York, 2501 – Brazil (source), Hyuro – Spain, Escif – Spain, Zilda – France, ESPO – Philadelphia, Agostino Iacurci – Italy, Krio – Italy (source), Faith47 – Miami (source), Eduardo Kobra – Brazil, How & Nosm x Vhils – Miami, Belin – Miami (source), M-City – New York, Sam3 – Spain, and LUDO.

All photos via the artists unless source otherwise specified…

Zevs on Canal Street in New York. Photo via Wooster Collective.

GILF! installation in New York at various HSBC ATM’s after the bank was accused of laundering money for drug cartels and multiple groups associated with Al-Qaeda.

Part of the 2501 “Golden Age” mural in Sao Paulo. Photo via Graffuturism.

Hyuro in Valencia, Spain.

Escif in Spain.

Escif in Spain (photo reference).

Zilda in Paris.

ESPO in Philadelphia.

Agostino Iacurci in Turin, Italy.

Krio in Milan, Italy. Photo via Walls of Milano.

Faith47 – “Lost Lover” for the WOW project in Miami. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Faith47 – “Lost Lover” for the WOW project in Miami (detail). Photo via StreetArtNews.

Eduardo Kobra – “Mario Lago” in Brazil.

How & Nosm x Vhils – “Cut Out For You” in Miami.

Belin in Miami. Photo via Graffart.

M-City in the Bronx.

Sam3 in Murcia, Spain.

Bendy Warhola by LUDO.