Our global summary of street work returns this week with a look around the world but heavily tilted towards Florida due to Basel Week Miami. Kicking things off though is this new piece in Sri Lanka from the UK-based Phlegm. The rare splashes of color seen stem from his use of car paints in this wall. Other notable pieces come from RONE – Miami, Meggs – Miami, Phibs – Miami, Escif – France, Belin x Koka – Mexico (source), Dabs Myla truck – Miami, Prime x Estria – Miami (source), Liqen – Spain, Faith47 – Miami, DAL – Miami, Sten & Lex – Italy, Aakash Nihalani – Norway, Dimitris Taxis – Athens, Krink – Miami (source), and Never2501, Ever, Pixel Pancho & Topocopy – Miami (source).

All photos via the artists unless source is otherwise specified.

RONE in Miami.


Meggs in Miami.


Phibs in Miami.


Escif in Niort, France.


Belin x Koka in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo via StreetArtNews.


Dabs Myla truck in Miami (side 1).


Dabs Myla truck in Miami (side 2).


Prime x Estria in Miami. Photo by LA TACO.


Liqen in Barcelona for La Escocesa.


Faith47 – “let he who tied the bell to the lion take it off” in Miami (full wall).


Faith47 – “let he who tied the bell to the lion take it off” in Miami (closeup).


DAL – “701” in Miami.


Sten & Lex in Mentana, Italy.


Aakash Nihalani for the Nuart Festival.


Dimitris Taxis in Athens.


Krink in Miami. Photo by Olive47 via Vandalog.


Never2501, Ever, Pixel Pancho and Topocopy in Miami. Photo via StreetArtNews.