After a big time collaboration with Os Gemeos, Spanish young gun Aryz has painted a solo mural for the Urban Forms Gallery event in Poland. This piece featuring his signature street still life leads off this weeks Streets: World Roundup. Other walls worth noting include pieces from  C215 – Spain, Case – Ireland (source), Phlegm – Italy, Hyuro – France, Escif – France, Mark Jenkins – France (source), Pixel Pancho – Turkey, Dome – Turkey (source), Kofie, Part2ism, DERM, Remi/Rough & Poesia – UK (source), Inti – Poland, La Pandilla – Puerto Rico (source), Lee Baker – Texas, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada – Spain (source), Cranio, and LUDO.

Photos via the artists or festivals unless source otherwise specified.

C215 in Tudela, Spain.

Case for the Festival of Urban Art Sandyford in Dublin, Ireland. Photo via Savage Habit.

Phlegm in Turin, Italy.

Hyuro in Besancon, France for the Bien Urbain Festival.

Escif in Besancon, France for the Bien Urbain Festival.

Mark Jenkins for the Bien Urbain Festival in Besancon, France. Photo via Savage Habit.

Pixel Pancho in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dome in Istanbul, Turkey for the MURAL-iST Festival. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Kofie, Part2ism, DERM, Remi/Rough & Poesia in London for Futurism 2.0 show. Photo via Hooked Blog.

Inti – “Holy Warrior” for the Urban Forms Gallery in Lodz, Poland.

La Pandilla mural in Puerto Rico. Photo via StreetArtNews.

Lee Baker in Dallas, Texas. Commissioned by the Joule Hotel.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Barcelona, Spain. Photo via StreetArtNews.


LUDO – “Autumn Leaf”