Leading things off this week for our Streets: World Roundup is this new Banksy-esque piece (source) by Les Enfants Terribles (L.E.T.) in Düsseldorf, Germany. Other walls worth checking out include Erosie, Wood, and Graphic Surgery (source), C215 – France (source), Escif – Spain, Slick x Prime – Hawaii, Ludo – Paris, INTI – Norway, Malarky – UK (source), Nick Walker – New York (source), Sam3 x Escif – Spain (source), Centina x James Kalinda – Italy (source), Robert “Tone” Proch – Poland (source), Sam3 – Spain, Nawar (source), and TSF Crew (source).

All photos via the artists unless source otherwise specified.

Erosie, Wood, and Graphic Surgery. Photo via Graffuturism.


C215 in Paris, France. Photo by Logan Hicks.


Escif – “Wikileaks” in Valencia, Spain.


SLICK and PRIME revise POW WOW wall in Oahu.


LUDO – “Green Hot Chili Peppers” in Paris, France.


INTI – “The treasure hunter” in Oslo, Norway.


Malarky in London. Photo by Hooked Blog.


Nick Walker in New York – “Vandal Genie”. Photo via streetartist.


Sam3 x Escif collaboration in Valencia, Spain. Photo via StreetArtNews.


Centina and James Kalinda in Italy. Photo via Savage Habit.


Robert “Tone” Proch – “Modern Man” – SCABB Festival Mural in Turek, Poland. Photo via Graffuturism.


Sam3 for Festival d’Art Urbà in Spain.


Nawer. Photo by Graffuturism.


TSF Crew. Photo via UKADAPTA.