Leading things off for this week’s roundup of public art around the world is this new piece from ROA in New York (photo by Luna Park). Other work worth noting comes from Ericailcane & Hitnes – Mexico (source), Sam3 – Italy, M-City – Poland, FRM & Otecki – Germany (source), Cyrcle. – Colorado, Faith47 – New York (source), DAL – New York (source), Escif – Spain, Phlegm & Barberfilth – UK, Monster – UK (source), Cone TheWeird (source), and Osmoze (source).

All photos via the artists unless otherwise specified.

Ericailcane & Hitnes in Mexico City. Photo via Upperplayground.


Sam3 in Rome.


M-City in Gdynia, Poland.


FRM & Otecki in Dresden, Germany for CityBilder. Photo by -lucky cat- on flickr.


Cyrcle. in Boulder, Colorado.


Faith47 in New York. Photo by Jake Dobkin on flickr.


DAL in New York. Photo by Jake Dobkin on flickr.


Escif’s Yves Klein tribute in Valencia, Spain.


Phlegm and Barberfilth at the bottom of London road in Sheffield.


Monster in London. Photo by annar_50 on flickr.


Cone TheWeird (via Graffart).


Osmoze. Photo by morac19 on flickr.