This week’s roundup sees the return of David Ellis to the streets after the massive mural painted in Brooklyn last month. This latest tree piece was commissioned by Converse as part of they Wall to Wall campaign and features Ellis’ sinuous pattern (photo by Justin Carlson and courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery). The location is on 23rd Street and 12th Ave in Chelsea, just a short walk from the Joshua Liner Gallery which recently curated a show with Ellis and Kris Kuksi in Los Angeles.  Other notable work this week comes from Phlegm – UK, Dabs Myla – California, Laguna – Russia (source), Momo – Italy (source), Escif – Italy, Lazinterruptus – Switzerland, Jade – Peru (source), Bumblebee – California, Arsek & Erase – Russia (source), Elbow-Toe – New York, Pixel Pancho – Poland, Gaia – Baltimore, Cleon Peterson – UK (source), RIME (source), and Mesa.

Photos via the artist unless otherwise specified.

Phlegm – “Elaborate Hammer” in Sheffield, UK.


Dabs Myla – “TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT” in Los Angeles.


Laguna in Kazan, Russia. Via StreetArtNews.


Momo for the in Rome, Italy for the Outdoor Urban Art Festival. Via StreetArtNews.


Escif in Naples, Italy.


Lazinterruptus for “Oh, Plastiksack!”, monographic exhibition on plastic bags curated by Susanna Kumschick in Switzerland.


Jade in Huaraz, Peru with mural of machine changing ancient artifacts into bricks, a political metaphor. Via StreetArtNews.


Bumblebee – “Slices” in Downey, California.


Arsek & Erase in Kazan, Russia. Photo via Graffart.


Elbow-Toe – “Look Back In Anger” in New York.


Pixel Pancho in Warsaw, Poland.


Gaia in Baltimore.


Cleon Peterson for the Brandalism project in the UK. Photo via Juxtapoz.


Rime. Via The Seventh Letter.