On view at the Brooklyn Museum is Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works, a breath-taking solo exhibition by arguably Africa’s most celebrated contemporary artist, El Anatsui. Born in Ghana and currently working in Nigeria, Anatsui is best known for his vibrant large-scale sculptures made from common discarded materials. By folding thousands of foil liquor bottle tops in several distinct ways, arranging them and connecting them together into sheets, he is able to transform what once was garbage into beautiful works that appear to flow like textiles and burst with color like abstract painting. For other pieces, he takes used metal printing plates and combines them into standing stones reminiscent of Stonehenge. And for others, he connects the caps from milk containers into glorious serpentine rivers of gold and silver. Carved wooden pieces and works on paper round out the exhibit, and show Anatsui’s artistry with more traditional mediums and techniques. Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works is showing until August 4, and we highly recommend seeing this amazing collection of works for yourself, if you possible can.