One of the best gallery shows we’ve seen lately is the current exhibition at James Cohan by Shinique Smith, entitled Bold As Love. Smith, who is known for her mixed medium sculptures and paintings, draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, ranging from abstract expressionism to graffiti to Eastern religious mandalas. We were lucky enough to be at the gallery when Smith was discussing her show with a curator from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, where she will have a solo exhibition in 2014. Her works are often made of materials from her own life, most obviously her clothes, and are clearly very personal. But the pieces also attempt to address the most universal of themes, such as nature, love, and life itself. Bold as Love is only up for the rest of this week, so if you are in New York, you should definitely go check it out before it closes. But if you can’t get there in person, we have plenty of images to show you below.