Vancouver-based artist Jeff Depner opens his debut New York solo exhibition this week at Nancy Margolis Gallery. Depner is renowned for his highly graphical, abstract compositions and his use of layers, textures, colour and repetition of geometric elements create a visual feast. We’ve featured a look into Depner’s creative process previously here on AM, and it’s worth taking a look back at that to fully understand how many iterations and transitional layers each of his paintings is subjected to prior to it being judged as complete. In Depner’s own words, his paintings are “constructed to pit architectonic organization against the organic, a dialogue between geometric order and cellular growth emerges to create a language in constant flux.”

Architectural forms collide with geometric abstraction in his Reconfigured Grid Paintings – the language he uses to define the stylistic preview images shown here, courtesy of the artist. Variations: Black Napkins opens on October 24th and runs through to 7th December, so if you are a New York local, you’ve plenty of time to catch the exhibition. It should be one well worth seeing.

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