Moving on from our recent studio view, and drilling further down into the creative process of the artists involved in the upcoming Space//Form exhibition, we now bring you an insight to how the above piece entitled “Soft- Serve” was created by Vancouver based artist Jeff Depner. Jeff worked on one of the identical 10×10 inch panels that were supplied to all of the artists for the exhibition by Ampersand. The artwork underwent many layers of transition before the final form was arrived at, and we wanted to share the way he layers different mediums into the creation of his art.

Depner explains: “My work explores compositional structure through the relationship between colors. Elements from high and low visual culture are dismantled and reconstructed.”

“These forms are created through cause and effect, wherein each layer interacts with it’s predecessor, to create a functioning system of parts.”

“Constructed to pit architectonic organization against the organic, a dialogue between geometric order and cellular growth emerges to create a language in constant flux.”

“As a whole, these units combine to create a sort of  ‘abstract sign’ operating separately from speech and writing patterns, with the intention of seizing the viewer on an unconscious or automatic level.”

Space//Form is curated by Sven Davis, and opens at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland on 6th September. Email Paige Prendergast ([email protected]) for sales information.

Jeff Depner – ‘Soft-Serve’. Acrylic & canvas on panel. 10×10 inches. 2012


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