On Jan 11th, French graffiti artist Bom.K opened his big solo show at Known Gallery in the heart of LA. One of the founders of the infamous DMV crew introduced a new body of work, consisting of mostly large size canvases, to the local art and graffiti lovers.

Always using a very distinctive style, Bom.K is one of a kind in France’s graffiti scene. Through the years of painting graffiti all over France and the world, together with his DMV friends such as Iso, Kan, Jaw, Gris1, Brusk, Dran, Sowat or Blo, he developed enviable skills which allow him to create his recognizable pieces. Quite far from traditional graffiti he grew up with, his style is a result of years of working both outdoors and inside his studio in Paris.

His works include almost photorealistic elements, as well as abstract and surreal ones, created with his masterful technique of handling the spray can. By modifying caps, taming the pressure of the can, perfecting the way of applying his ideas and sketches to the canvas or walls, Bom.K has  developed one of the most unique and recognizable styles out there. With dark, nightmare like imagery, showing deformed characters, faces, and creatures, he is able to show a haunted vision of the world and society he is living in. This particular body of work “reflects what France has become as a nation – a desperate mix between menacing buildings, disillusioned gangs and clogged horizons.” Mostly using different shades of gray, with bright colors only accenting the uneasy feeling, all the big canvases and the whole Confusions show feels very coherent and complete.

Photo credit: grosleefotograffii.
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