After taking part in this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii with a large scale mural (covered), the Cyrcle. crew are now back in their studio finishing up works for their upcoming solo show in London. On the 7th of March, StolenSpace gallery in London will be opening Overthrone! Pooring Reign, showing the duo’s new works that explore their familiar ideas and concepts continuing their efforts to question the extent of power and control over our minds. The LA-based artists are doing so by playing with and reinventing symbols in order to create images that are “a subliminal call to action… to overthrow the powers of doubt and oppression in the mind so we, the individual, can let go of fear and take power back.” By juxtaposing ancient symbols, images and creations such as Greek temples, Roman statues, renaissance imagery, against futuristic looking neon and metallic colors, Cyrcle are shuffling the comfortable order of things, creating a form of a visual chaos. These continuing themes in their work in combination with clever use of modern day tools and technology, results in recognizable works that they will be introducing to London art lovers.

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