Leading female street artists Miss Van and Olek recently opened their two-person show at StolenSpace Gallery in London (previewed  here).  Based on their strong friendship and artistic sisterhood, both show their mutual appreciation for each other work .

Miss Van’s new body of work titled Glamorous Darkness features her signature ‘poupées’ (dolls) in a series of  dreamlike landscapes and colours. Adorned with masquerade, animal-like masks, her sensual and erotic female characters evolve and interact with each other. In a tribute, Olek has recreated several of Miss Van’s favourite paintings in crochet form with intricate details, from the masks, corsets, wigs, hats to lips and nails and displays these artworks as photographic representations. Her exhibition title, Let’s Not Get Caught, Let’s Keep Going, refers to a quote from Thelma and Louise’s film, reminiscent of her friendship with Miss Van. Along with these new works, Olek has taken over the gallery space and covered the floor to ceiling in her signature crochet.

Special guest Patti Astor was also in town adding FUN while celebrating the elegance and sensuality of these two female artists.

Photo credit: Butterfly.
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