StolenSpace gallery in London is starting of May with double exhibition by female street artists, Miss Van and Olek. Opening on the 9th of May, ‘Glamorous Darkness’ by Miss Van and ‘Let’s Not Get Caught, Let’s Keep Going’ by OLEK will be showing the newest works by two prominent ladies from the street/urban art world. The artists have previously collaborated on public artworks, and exhibited together in many group shows across the world, but this event will be their first two-person show.

Through this show both artists will show mutual appreciation for each other work, through creating different style pieces that complement each other. Based on a simple motif that is appearing in both their works – masks, the works will include Miss Van’s canvas paintings, photographic prints by Olek, as well as installation works built within the gallery space. By the looks of the preview images we’ve received, it looks like this collaboration works really well for both artists as the pieces look coherent and strong.

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