For the second year running, the association Faute O Graff is curating Mister Freeze, an exhibition featuring small gallery artworks to large scale installations until June 1st. This year, the show is taking place in two abandonned places –  Le Frigo (“The Fridge”) where the first exhibition took place in 2013 with small scale artworks, and large scale installations in a secret place, revealed at the last minute. For this new episode of Mister Freeze – Nite & Day, street and graffiti artists are playing on both fields and showing off their diversity of tools and techniques.

Participating artists include:  Sike, Momies, Opium, Astro, Tonce, Tanc, Wany, Zepha, Mlle Boo, Lek, Sowat, Pro176, Zest, Landry, Fode, Scred, Reso, Sherio, Katre, Tilt, Demon, Costa, F.Bel, Gris1, Legz, Zoer, Case, Wow123, Velvet, MissVan, Ditno, Ciro, Oko, Panks, Dely, and Stop. 

Photo credit: Butterfly.