After a few months since they first mentioned their upcoming intaglio etching editions, Ukrainian art duo Interesni Kazki has just announced the release of these long awaited prints. Known for their hyper-surrealistic imagery and large fairy tale-like murals they’ve been creating all over the globe, Waone and AEC worked separately on each of their prints, and sent us a couple of preview images of the finished works.

Based on their drawings “In Forests Wilds”, by Waone, and “Music Of The Night”, by AEC, both editions are split into 40 pieces of black & white intaglio prints, as well as 10 fully hand-painted pieces. With numerous details, symbols, and elements from different mythologies and traditions, these hand-pressed etchings accurately represent their fine and peculiar line work evidenced in drawings. Slightly different in size and formats, the heavily hand-finished editions are a clear example of their impeccable use of gradients and bright colors, making them all unique and very close to being original paintings.

Both editions will be available on Thursday, 8th May at The Outsiders, from 4pm (UK time).