Over the last several weeks, we have gathered together some worthy videos for you to watch as part of our reoccurring Rewind feature. First up is an interview with Shepard Fairey by Complex where he announces and discusses his collaboration with Hennessy with a new bottle design set to be released in July. If you remember, (covered), KAWS (covered), and Os Gemeos (covered) have all created and released a version of their own. Take a look at the video below along with others that caught our attention.

  • James Jarvis for Kiehl’s in Hong Kong.
  • Phillip Vergne discusses Mike Kelley.
  • Bennett Simpson discusses a work in Mike Kelley’s MOCA show.
  • The “PlopEgg” Painting Performance #1 at Art Cologne.
  • Farewell shreds some ads.
  • Christie’s If I Live I’ll See You Tuesday… sale.
  • Pierre Soulages at Dominique Lévy Gallery.