Gamma Transport Division has been bringing a healthy mix of  graffiti-based exhibitions over recent months to the city of Edinburgh. Their latest show features London-based artist O.Two, also known as James Carey. Described as a collection of works drawing on themes of delinquency, obsession, and exclusion,” Phosphene Smoke features a new selection of canvases utilizing his unique blend of typographical sloganeering and abstract color fields.

It’s always satisfying to see graffiti artists being able make make the tough transition from large scale outdoor work to smaller-scaled gallery pieces, and O.Two’s abstracted typography-based work does this with ease, whilst retaining an equal level of dynamism and energy. The subliminal messages of his work on walls is distilled into a single, sharp message punctuated with taglines via the written words included within the work.

The exhibition runs until 9th May 2014 at GTD, Edinburgh and the works from the show are viewable here.