A couple of weeks back, AM got to spend some time in and around San Francisco. One of the exhibitions on the calendar was Spoke Art’s group exhibition Paper Cuts. Curated by Jessica Ross, the show features eatures an array of 11 international artists each working with cut paper (natch) but with a variety of styles, techniques and of course end results. The art of paper cutting is traditionally a very unforgiving medium. There’s no eraser or additional layer of paint to disguise a mistake in this practice. The level of both artistry and pure craftsmanship that Paper Cuts comprises is of a very high standard, and Miss Ross has carefully chosen her contributors to make this a solid exhibition. Participating artists in the show are Megan Stratman, Hari & Deepti, Ryan De La Hoz, Kevin Jay Stanton, Elaine Penwell, Sarah Dennis, Yulia Brodskaya, Charles Clary, Crowded Teeth and Dan Jaffe.

Stand out works for us were those of Charles Clary (pictured above) who builds layer upon layer of meticulously hand cut and measured descending levels to build his structural compositions; Crystal Wagner – whose elaborate terrariums evoke a sense of wonder not just for the end result, but they carry an immediate level of ‘how does she do that?’; Ryan De La Hoz whose highly techno-graphical meets classicist style has been a long time favourite of ours, and Yulia Brodskaya – creator of the multi-coloured rolled paper sculptural pieces, all of which are cut to the same roll depth and beautifully presented in simple white frames.

The exhibition just closed this week, so if you missed it check out the whole show online here.