The many faces of Anthony Lister (art mutant, street vandal, superhero activist), turned up with a couple hundred handfuls of adoring fans for his latest solo show in NYC at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, appropriately titled Power Tripping. If you are a fan of the Australian artist and his fairly constant parade of off-hand social shenanigans, then you’re in luck, as there were no shortage of them at this opening.

There were more then a few costume changes throughout the course of the evening, including some social satire that included a fat suit, to his now signature Wolfman mask, the creepy shadow person perched in the dark corner,and a few others perhaps not worth mentioning. Looking at the art, Lister’s ripping fast artistic style and general irreverence seems to be getting looser and more fluid with time. There is no question that this is one of  the most consistent and solid batches of work we have seen from the Sydney-based artist recently, while he continues his deep rooted, socio-political commentary that so many of us choose to overlook. We highly encourage you get over to see this exhibition before it closes on July 26th.

In other Lister news – stay tuned early next week as Arrested Motion brings you a lovely video recap of Lister’s non-stop art assault on the always abrasive New York City. – Manuel Bello

Photo credit: Joe Russo.
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