Bringing together 14 accomplished and sought after artists in the lowbrow art world is not easily done, and a feat worth noting all on its own. But having those artists collaborate on a single piece of art, creating it in a day and a half, then have prints signed and distributed all within a weekend is nothing short of miraculous. AM was on hand to catch the entire process, from the blank canvas to the last ten minutes when the piece was laid flat to allow all the artists to cram in and add last minute flourishes.

Despite the seemingly unlimited imagination of these surreal artists, the most surreal moment of the entire event was very real – seeing Brom painting next to Joe Sorren. Watching the Art Jam was like seeing Seinfeld characters wander onto Gilligan’s Island, or meeting the Simpsons in real life. Seeing artists cross mediums, genres and geographies to work together was mind bending and seeing it such a rapid timeframe made the event even more dreamlike. Below are pictures documenting the entire process, including a shot of all 14 artists with the work: Brom, Laurie Lee Brom, Bob Dob, Tara McPherson, Joe Sorren, Jeff Soto, Brandi Milne, Brian Smith, Eric Fortune, Gris Grimly, KMNDZ, Rick O’Brien, Miss Mindy and Lola.

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