This Saturday night, January 31st, Ekundayo (interviewed) returns to Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles for another showing (see 2008, 2010, 2013). Entitled Collective Reflections, the new work body of work draws from his Hawaiian roots and features the beautifully grotesque imagery that he is known for.

He explains the new work thusly – “The theme of the show deals with the connections that people have with each-other, the world we live in and our quest for understanding who we are. The central inspiration for this latest series of work comes from the concept of “Mana” which the ancient Hawaiians believed was an extraordinary universal power that radiates though all living things for man to harness for his own use. The aspect of this idea that fascinates me most is that the ancients believed our thoughts can contain transformative powers in our lives when we choose to connect to this higher power that is all around us. There are moments in creating when time seems to disappear. I feel like I’m lost in another world, and this unexplainable feeling is what I believe to be that higher source the ancient Hawaiians meant when they spoke of Mana. This exhibition is my gift to that feeling I know we all connect to when reaching deep within ourselves.”

More preview images below…

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