KMNDZ (above) & Ekundayo’s (below) two-man show is set to open this Friday, October 10th at Thinkspace in the Silverlake district. Arrested Motion was invited to take a look at the installation process last night, as well as take some photos to share with our readers. Those attending this show will be very impressed by the setup, as the two artists have completely transformed the space into the “Red Forest” (title of the show), the most radioactive place on earth. The paintings of the show use the tale of the explosion of an Ukrainian power plant and its fallout as a metaphor for the vices of man, also represented by the “green goo” seen throughout the works.

Photos after the jump.

The sheer size of some of these the pieces were quite impressive … they were massive! Never fear though, there are some stunning smaller pieces out there for the collectors feeling the pinch of the free-falling economy. We must say that we also loved the collage-like feel to some of Ekundayo’s pieces and the framing job of some of KMNDZ’s pieces (custom with matching patina). Jeaneen Carlino will be having a mini-show in the project room for those interested. And for those who can’t make it, check back soon, as AM will be hooking you up with pics from the opening.

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