AM recently had a chance to get an exclusive preview peek at the new body of work that How & Nosm prepared for their solo show opening February 19th at Jacob Lewis Gallery in NYC. Even in mid install phase, the works for A Different Language are looking exceptional, bursting with creativity, imagination and artistic skill.

The first thing that one notices are the new tones of familiar colors used in these works. With signature red, white and black, the artists reached for more pink and purple, neon, bright orange and even tones of blue in these works. Though self taught, identical twins Raoul & Davide Perré obviously have mastered a wide range of mediums used in creating these complex pieces. From spray paint, stencil, drawing, collage, to vinyl and acrylic paint, their paintings are rich in techniques as well as in their visual representation. Besides diverse mediums, the NY-based artists successfully use different styles in these large size canvas works – signature geo based drawings, basic and realistic stencils, meticulous patterns, abstract shapes and even photorealistic elements. Following the surrealist idea of blending the dreams and reality, their intricate images are almost impossible to absorb at a first look because of the way they are constructed. Mixing elaborate backgrounds, patterns, detailed painting and drawing sections, they have created a different language which takes time to be absorbed and understood.

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