Another show that closed at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery recently was Yer So Bad by Parra. The show title was borrowed from Tom Petty’s song and perfectly matches the Dutch artist’s signature feminine characters indulging in various “naughty” activities. Along with the new paintings on display, the Amsterdam-based painter also released a limited edition zine which was available through Printed Matter, Inc, as well as through the publisher’s website later on.

The exhibition includes a new series of works on canvas, using very limited color palette and the Dutch designer, illustrator and artist’s distinctive style. Influenced by the experimental drawings from the 60’s, his red and blue images have very strong elements of both drawing and painting, even animation. With solid fill-ins, precise line work, and the recurring use of polka dot patterns, the imagery always balances between provocative and humorous. Along with the series of canvases, Parra also created new ink drawings that follow the same theme, but through monochromatic works on paper.

Photo credit: @arrestedmotion_sal.
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