With his current solo show now on view at Die Kunstagentin in Cologne, Germany, Dave Kinsey (featured) is continuing to explore a more abstract body of work, which was first introduced at his Detroit solo show back in October 2014 (covered). The pieces introduced through Ashes To Ashes are hugely influenced by the very basics, the essential elements of nature – water, dirt, rock, wood.

Living in the Sierra Nevada mountains was the greatest inspiration for the artist, so this show “represents the personal impressions of his surroundings and his exploration of the relationship between man and nature.” By only showing the texture of these elements and composing them in totem like structures, the Kinsey has created abstract compositions that still have figurative forms. From the color palette used, this time a bit darker and toned down, to the way he mixes acrylic, spray paint, ink, collage, these new paintings have all the elements that he is known for still. Painted on canvas, paper, wood, or created with collages using old book pages and used envelopes, the new works are definitely richer and more expressive.

On view since the 5th of February, Ashes to Ashes will be available for your enjoyment through 14th of March as his first show with the gallery. Along with the new works, Kinsey has also created a new limited edition print that is available through the gallery.

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