Nawer recently opened his successful Tokyo debut at Hidari Zingaro Gallery. Co-curated by Takashi Murakami and Takumi “Kasenyan” Kaseno of the GEISAI executive committee, Colors in Shapeland is a part of KaiKai Kiki’s GEISAI∞Infinity​ project.

For this show, the Polish artist created a whole new body of work consisting of his abstract geo-based pieces. While quite different than other artists on the KaiKai Kiki’s roster, Nawer’s futuristic abstract works obviously resonated with the local collectors as the show completely sold out. The dynamics he achieves with his refined geometric lines and shapes and the use of bright almost neon colors was even more obvious on a mural installation he painted in the space. The contrast between crisp shapes and paint drippings, or bright solid colors and misty, transparent parts against white background, was definitely what made his work stand out at the gallery that usually reserved for more Japanese pop-culture oriented artists.

Photo credit: Toru Kometani (courtesy if Hidari Zingaro/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.)