It’s been a while since our last Rewind feature, so here are some videos that you may have missed in the interim. Leading things off is a film by director Ben Mor featuring an interesting look into the world of Os Gemeos. The eclectic footage merges seamlessly together as we are taken on a trip through exhibitions, installations, paintings, sculptures and the real lives of the Brazilian twins. Through the magic of animation, fans will notice the duo’s imagery come to life.

Other notable videos:

  • The Hundreds visits Tim and Mike Biskup.
  • Nychos working on a movie project.
  • Jose Parla interviewed on CBS about One World Trade Center project.
  • Shining Darkness – A Portrait of Jean Labourdette
  • Thomas Hoving talks about Joan Miro.
  • A The Simpsons video in pixel-based art.
  • Jamian Juliano-Villani talks about her work.
  • Jonathan T.D. Neil and Stefan Simchowitz talk about the art market.
  • Ayahuasca Purge by Aaron Axelrod.
  • Angel Otero creates a print.
  • Evan Robarts makes work.
  • Conversation between Peter Frank and Andy Moses.
  • Andrew Kuo and Scott Reeder talk about their show at Marlborough Chelsea​.
  • The Hundreds visits Kenny Scharf in studio.