This evening (Thursday 7th May) Compound Gallery opens a multi-disciplinary exhibition showcasing showcasing the city of Portland, Oregon in a unique way through the combined mediums of fine art and tattoo art.

PDXFLASH: An exhibition of Portland inspired tattoo flash is curated by Conrad Crespin, who asked the participating artists to produce tattoo flash inspired by Portland.

The contributing artists come from a variety of backgrounds but with the unifying connection of the locale and creative drive. Each artist has ties to Portland and make their marks in the realms of design, tattoo art, and fine art. The participating PDXFLASH artists include Allyson Bennett, Alex DeSpain, Alice Carrier, Anna Ropalo, Bradley Delay, Cody Sprague, Ethan Allen Smith, Jason Graham, Jason Sturgill, Jeff P, Jennifer Parks, Jusitin Dion, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Meg Adamson, Molly Mendoza, Murphy Phelan, Nathan Yoder, Nishat Akhtar, Rory Phillips, Ross Carlson, Ryan Jacob Smith and Shawna X Hello.

The exhibition runs until May 30th.