Here’s a show that a few people are looking forward to. Unnatural Histories II is the follow up to last year’s group exhibition at Portland’s Antler Gallery. Opening on 26th September, the exhibition calls for each participating artist to create a natural history inspired portrait of a mythical creature. The subject can either be taken from existing mythologies/folklore or completely invented by the artist. Each of the artworks will be accompanied by a framed description of the creature as written by the artist. Below is an example of background text written by Josh Keyes to accompany his painting (pictured above):

Roaming Woods – Josh Keyes

With great antlers ending in hazelnut branches, this descendant of the Roosevelt elk (Cervus Canadensis Roosevelti) roams abandoned urban and outlying areas traveling primarily in small herds. They use their branched antlers to envelop and entwine abandoned structures such as cars, monuments, and street signs wrapping them in a shroud of vines and green leaves. Hazelnuts that fall from the antlers occasionally land on pockets of dirt and soil, and begin to germinate and grow into trees. Many areas that were once urban wastelands have been reclaimed and transformed by the Roaming Wood herds, and have grown into vast forest wilderness, providing a safe habitat for a variety of wildlife.

The full list of artists promises an exhibition to look forward to with the following participats – Josh Keyes, Heiko Muller, Amy Ruppel, Katherine Brannock, Aaron Jasinski, Brin Levinson, Lisa Ericson, Susannah Kelly, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jon MacNair, Neil M. Perry, Bijijoo, Wes Younie and Rachel Sabin.

Check out our other preview images courtesy of the gallery from Neil M. Perry, Susannah Kelly, Lisa Ericson, Brin Levinson, Amy Ruppel and Aaron Jasinski below.
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