For those who frequent Starbucks, you will have no doubt seen artwork that looks disturbingly similar to the work of Maya Hayuk, an artist whose work has been covered here on AM for a while. Coinciding with the release of their new Mini Frappuccinos last month, the promotional material features crossing stripes of color often seen in the Brooklyn-based artist’s gallery work and outdoor murals. And if it’s true that Starbucks’ ad agency reached out to her last October regarding the project (which she declined due to her busy schedule), then it sounds like Hayuk has a good case against the chain.

Head over to here for more details like her statement – “The scope and reach of the Frappuccino campaign is staggering. The infringing Frappuccino campaign artwork appears on both Starbucks’ United States and international websites; on the Starbucks’ Frappuccino website; on videos promoting various Frappuccino flavors; in print advertising; on product packaging; and in many, if not all, of Starbucks’ over 21,000 retail locations in 66 countries.”

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