It’s been seven years since the Goldman family reopened the mural spot that Keith Haring worked his magic at on the corner of Bowery & Houston St. in Manhattan’s Lower East Side/Chinatown area. Since then, an explosion of great art can be seen in street by all who come to the Big Apple. RETNAKenny ScharfBarry McGeeShepard Fairey, AIKO, Os Gemeos, JR, Keith Haring, CRASH, Faile, How & NOSM, REVOK/POSE, Swoon, Maya Hayak, and Ron English have all taken aim to arrest motion at the iconic location.

The one thing missing was the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae… Who would that be? Only a legend of the global graffiti movement for the past five decades – the one and only New York City native Futura. His contribution to the legendary wall is a piece entitled Concrete Jungle. Utilizing colorless blacks, whites, and grays, the master worked tirelessly with his spray cans to create a street masterpiece that captures the cold yet relentless energy that defines NYC. Try looking at one part of the mural and telling your eyes to stay still.

Enjoy a detailed look at the jungle below as well as some photos from the tribute piece Os Gemeos left across the street when they stopped by for a visit.

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