This year’s NuArt Festival was certainly a special one – their 15th year running – which means it must be one of the longest running street art events in the world. You can enjoy all our coverage here, but if you want to own a part of history, the good people behind the festival have released a 15th Anniversary Boxset. Featuring signed screenprints from 15 artists including Bortusk Leer, Jamie Reid, Dotdotdot, Isaac Cordal, Martha Cooper, Futura (seen above), Fra Biancoshock, Martin Whatson (hand-finished), Icy & Sot, Ella & Pitr, Sandra Chevrier, Dotmasters, Mobstr, M-City (hand-sprayed original), and Pixel Pancho, the set is produced in an edition of 100 and costs about $1035 USD.

Because NuArt Festival is a strictly not-for-profit organization, all funds generated from the sale of the boxset go towards ensuring the festival’s continued existence. Head over here if you are interested in adding this to your collection.

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