The abstractions of Boris Tellegen, or DELTA from his graffiti days, have always had an architectural feel to it, especially those that he has taken in a sculptural direction. This can be perhaps attributed to the Dutch artist’s industrial design engineering background and in fact, he has taken on projects before that have utilized his aesthetic to create something concrete in the form of real world structures.

On that note, this latest venture sees him teaming up with Maurer United Architects to design a bed and breakfast pavilion in cooperation for Lucy in The Sky in Deventer, Netherlands. The concept behind the three micro hotels is to combine the power of architects and visual artists to create accommodations for visitors to live in what feels like an actual work of art. They have certainly succeeded with this collaboration with Tellegen, as fans will instantly recognize the silhouette, angles, and play with geometry that is characteristic of his work.

Photo credit: Medea Huisman / MUA.
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