After successfully introducing his work with a captivating install at SCOPE Miami last year (covered), Mirus Gallery in San Francisco is getting ready to debut Felipe Pantone’s first U.S. solo exhibition. Opening on Saturday, January 30th, and continuing through February 20th, W3-Dimensional will showcase a new collection of works featuring his ultradynanism style.

By combining abstraction with geometric as well as graphic elements, the Argentinian-born artist has created a distinctive visual language which keeps improving and refining with every new project. Juxtaposing black and white patterns against a vibrant spectrum of colors, all represented within sharp geo shapes, Pantone’s imagery looks like an alluring glitch in our reality. After numerous murals worldwide and a series of canvas works, the new pieces take a sculptural direction with 3D works on wood. Blurring the line between reality and cyber images, vintage and futuristic, as well as between contemporary and street art, the new show continues to explore new mediums and forms, with a large new installation created for this show.