Berlin-based artist James Reka is currently in Milan, adding the final touches to his upcoming solo show opening at Avantgarden Gallery on June 4th. Along with showing a new body of work created for this show, the Australian artist painted a mural at the entrance of the gallery and is also releasing a limited edition of hand finished prints for this occasion.

From the preview photos we just revived, OLYMPVS will include some fresh pieces inspired by the aesthetics of the ancient Greeks. Including figurative as well as architectural or still life elements, the work is looking coherent both visually and technically. Through the juxtaposition of sharp, straight lines and geo objects against drips and the spray effect of spray paint, the Reka hides pillars, arches, vases, urns, grapes, busts and lots of female figures in the composition. This mixture of bold colors and shapes against familiar historic imagery results in somehow timeless works.