On January 14th, Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris opened the 3rd edition of the annual Paper Party group show. Their first exhibition of the year features the same concept they started a few years ago, showing five artists represented by the gallery – Mist, Paul Insect, Ella & Pitr, Pixel Pancho and Daniel Muñoz – San.

For this edition, each participating artist received a wall of the gallery to paint, adding sort of a mural exhibition along with showing smaller works. Each of the five murals measuring approximately six meters long by four meters high will adorn the gallery walls until the exhibition closes on February 14th. The works exhibited are exclusively done on paper using different techniques from pencils to spray paint. From Paul Insect’s signature pasteups which are significantly different from his canvas pieces, to Ella & Pitr’s smaller versions of their gigantic public works to Pixel Pancho’s paper version of his distinctive steampunk wall pieces, each artist is showing between ten and fifteen works on paper.